Collections would give Huddln users a way to display their projects independently from each other. Please note that I’m using Rarible as an example here and I would not expect or encourage you to implement this feature exactly as they’ve done it.


Rather than having to make a separate account for each new project, you would instead have the option to create a collection. Each collection gets a unique username (that can be changed), and a page, separate from the creator’s main page. When you go to mint a new item, you do it just as you normally would, but with the option to add it into a previously created collection.

The creator’s page would have a “collections” section where all of their collections would be shown. If you were to tap on one of these collections, you’d be redirected to the chosen collection’s page. It would look just like a normal page but owned and maintained by the creator’s account. Additional information would likely also be displayed.

Some examples of how Rarible did it:

Things like the highest sale price of an NFT from the collection, the floor price of the collection, the market cap of the collection, the total number of NFTS in the collection as well as the total number of owners a collection has, etc.

I see this being a valuable addition to the Huddln platform and I’m stoked to see it in action, should you choose to make collections a thing!

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